Monday, 23 November 2015


It stands to reason that to sell courses successfully you need to be selling useful skills that have a positive impact on learners’ lives. Hopefully you’ve got that part covered. But you also need to build your sales pipeline before you release your courses to the public, so that you can hit the ground running at launch.

Course Merchant is an essential part of that pipeline. It hosts your store catalog and allows learners to buy your courses and gain instant access to your LMS. Your students could be on the other side of the world and shouldn’t have to wait for you to wake up and enroll them. With Course Merchant they don’t have to, and they can start studying straight away.
Course Merchant is search engine-friendly. The name of each course appears in its store URL, not just a meaningless product code. Google loves that, and it will bring keyword love from searches by people looking for the courses you provide. So Course Merchant is already doing marketing for you.
The following are all standard features:
  • course bundles
  • voucher codes
  • membership discounts
  • profile-based discounts
  • multi-seat discounts
  • multi-seat licence management (enroll a list of students all at once)
  • waiting lists
  • pay by invoice
  • Buy Now buttons to send in emails or tweets
  • shipping calculations for physical products such as books

If you really want to start things with a bang – and keep them going that way – use digital marketing service, which can boost sales a hundredfold. is a dedicated search engine for courses linked to an educational marketing network consisting of sites such as (35m available impressions), (26m available impressions), (31m available impressions) and other edu web traffic heavyweights.
We are now capable of delivering course ad impressions running into the hundreds of millions per month.
Course Index and Course Merchant are all you need to build a sales pipeline that keeps the enrollments coming, even while you sleep.
If you want to get started and get selling as quickly as possible, use’s Build & Sell service. We’ll host your courses and set up the e-commerce for free, and you take 80% of the revenue from sales. Use this simple form to give us an idea of your needs and we’ll suggest a suitable package for you.

As your sales grow and your student list swells, how are you going to manage all those learners? Most LMSs have pretty scant features for doing this. How do you check course attendance and grades across all your courses? How do you reach out to them all to let them know about a new course, or track their progress and help out those who are failing? How do you ensure a level of student retention and loyalty?
CourseCRM. A CRM system specially designed for managing online courses and learners. Manage all your LMS data in one place: searches, reports, email campaigns, progress tracking, and a dedicated support portal for each student.
CourseCRM draws all student and course data from your LMS and allows you to manipulate and query it in ways that you cannot in the LMS alone. Stay in touch with your learners. Manage your cohorts. Keep them coming back. See a list of CourseCRM features here.
So where do you fit into the Course Merchant world? There’s only one way to find out. Sign up for a webinar or email to discover how Course Merchant, CourseIndex and CourseCRM can make your courses fly.


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