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10 Must-Have Google Chrome Apps For eLearning Professionals

Posted:Thu, 19 Nov 2015 20:00:57 +0000

Must-Have Google Chrome Apps For eLearning Professionals

It’s estimated that more than 1 billion people use Google Chrome and over 92.2% of smartphone owners use at least one Google application. However, despite this web browser’s immense popularity, many eLearning professionals are not taking full advantage of this versatile web browser. There are a variety of Google applications that can make the eLearning design process less stressful and more productive, while enriching the eLearning experience of your learners.
  1. Google Docs Quick Create
    Looking for a quick way to create spreadsheets, docs, and online presentations? Google Docs Quick Create gives you the ability to click on the icon, then select one of the formats in the dropdown menu, whether document, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, or form. Rather than having to access the Google Drive and search through menus to design new online learning materials, you can start the creation process in a matter of seconds.
  2. Class DojoThis Google application replaces traditional reward systems with positive reinforcement and praise.Instructors can offer their learners immediate feedback to modify learning behaviors and encourage them to build necessary skill sets. eLearning professionals are able to specify which behaviors they’d like to reinforce, and the learners earn Dojo points when they utilize a particular skill.
  3. Evernote Web ClipperThis Googgle Chrome application is ideal for subject matter research and resource sharing. You can add notes to any article or webpage, take screenshots, and even save them as a PDF document in your Evernote account. If you want to share a helpful reference site with your learners in order to deepen their understanding of a subject, just clip a webpage, add your own comments, and then send it to your audience.
  4. Test & Improve Your KnowledgeIf you’re searching for a way to assess learners’ knowledge on a broad range of topics or build their critical thinking skills, then Test & Improve Your Knowledge, also known as “The Quiz Center”, may be the ideal Google Chrome application. Every quiz round features a series of questions that must be answered within the 20-second time limit. If the learner answers correctly within the allotted time, they move onto the next round. The multiple-choice questions become more challenging as they progress, and every quiz session covers a diverse range of topics.
  5. Strict WorkflowProductivity is the key to success for eLearning professionals and online learners, alike. Strict Workflow is a Google Chrome application that keeps you on-track and focused on the task at hand. You simply click on the icon, then start the 25-minute timer. During that time you have to concentrate on your work or learning tasks, before the application gives you a 5-minute break to do whatever you like. If you are having trouble budgeting your time or are easily distracted, then Strict Workflow may be the perfect application for you.
  6. World Data FinderThere are times when you need additional information about a topic but simply don’t have the time to scour the web for resources. This is when World Data Finder comes into play. This Google Chrome application extension gives you access to graphs, charts, fact, and other relevant pieces of information about the webpage you are currently viewing. For example, if you are reading a news article, you can click on the icon to instantly view line graphs and important pieces of data that offer more insight into story.
  7. Kaizena Voice CommentsThis is one of the most useful tools for eLearning professionals, as it gives you the ability to give immediate audio feedback to your online learners. They can share their online presentations, assessments, or any other learning assignment with you via the Google Drive, and you can leave audio commentary that helps them improve learning behaviors and identify areas of improvement. Just highlight the incorrect response or problem area, then speak into the microphone.
  8. LearnBoostIf you are looking for an all-in-one tool that can track learner progress, manage eLearning lesson plans, and keep track of attendance, then it doesn’t get much better than LearnBoost for Chrome. This application also gives you the power to generate progress reports, grade assignments, and create an online class calendar. Best of all, there is a LearnBoost support team at-the-ready in case you run into any issues.
  9. Highlight Keywords for Google Search
    With this helpful Google Chrome application you will no longer have to spend precious time perusing a website for pertinent information. When you visit a webpage the application will automatically highlight the keywords you have searched for, which means that you can quickly and conveniently conduct research without having to scan every section of the page.
  10. My Study LifeLast, but certainly not least, is a planner application that maximizes your time and helps you stay organized. Not only does it have a calendar feature, where you can keep track of deadlines and due dates, but it allows you to store all your tasks right on the Cloud. You can also set and share reminders with eLearning collaborators and learners, as well as store online assessments that you can grade on-the-go. As an added bonus, My Study Life syncs between devices, which gives you access to your schedule and tasks via your mobile phone or tablet.
Boost your productivity, streamline your work processes, and give your online learners the best possible eLearning experience by using these Google Chrome Apps for your next eLearning project.
Last but not least, as eLearning professionals, we are always looking for tools that help save time when it comes to the organization and maintenance of our eLearning courses. We want to offer our audience the best possible experience, but keeping everything streamlined can be quite a challenge. The good news is thatGoogle Classroom may be just the free learning management system that you’ve been looking for!
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